The CETAC.MEDIA SocialiTV group develops its activity in the field of Interactive TV and content. It focus in the trans disciplinary research covering fields like: the study of the new television ecosystem; the integration of social features in this ecosystem; cross platform solutions (secondary screen); and the conceptualization, development and evaluation (in lab and field trials) of the usability and user experience of new services and applications to specific contexts and/or users.

cartaz David + Bieke

Open Seminars UX + HCI

On October 29th and 30th and within the activities of the Master in Multimedia Communication (Department of Communication and Arts), researchers from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) will host two seminars titled “From Human-Computer Interaction to Player-Computer interaction – The evolution of HCI and research games” and “Current Trends and Interaction Design for Interactive Television“.

Both seminars are open to the academic community and will take place in the Department of Geosciences’ Auditorium.

Admission is free.


cartaz David + Bieke


for more informations, contact Pedro Almeida (



Bieke Zaman | Tenure track professor in Human-Computer Interaction / Digital Humanities . Researcher – Centre for User Experience Research (CUO) – KU Leuven & iMinds.

Bieke researches and teaches the interaction between people and technologies, questioning why technology has been shaped in a particular way and to serve which interests. She advocates initiating a dialogue with the designers of new technologies, and involving stakeholders in the design process. In doing so, she aims to achieve more value-sensitive design. Her particular interests are to reconcile values of play and learning in designing educational games for children and account for privacy dilemmas in the design of social media applications.



David Geerts | Research Manager – Centre for User Experience Research (CUO) – KU Leuven & iMinds. General chair – ACM TVX 2015

David has a PhD in Social Sciences at the KU Leuven and is Research Manager of the Centre for User Experience Research (CUO) of KU Leuven and iMinds at the faculty of Social Sciences. David is specialized in user-centered design and evaluation of (social) interactive television, and works on several local and EU projects on this topic. He organized many workshops, special interest groups, and tutorials at international conferences, and for some years has taught a course on HCI for master students of the faculties of Social Sciences and Economy. David Geerts is member of the IFIP TC14 WG6 on Entertainment Computing, is co-founder of the  Belgian ACM SIGCHI chapter (CHI Belgium), is part of the TVX steering committee and is general chair of the ACM international conference on interactive experience for television and online video (TVX2015).

Infographic – The Behaviours of Viewers in Front of TV

We now present to you the english version of the infographic regarding the main results of a study about TV viewing habits, conducted in late 2012 under the project “TV Discovery and Enjoy”.

Click here to see the full infographic.

Social iTV on UA Online

Social iTV coordinators, Jorge Ferraz de Abreu and Pedro Almeida, were interviewed by the University of Aveiro’s newspaper.

Read the news (article in portuguese).

Social iTV on Sociedade Civil

Jorge Ferraz was a guest on the RTP2 “Sociedade Civil” tv program where he spoke mainly about social and interactive TV and the projects developed in this context by the Social iTV group.

Watch the vídeo and see the presentation:

TDE Infografico

Infográfico – Os Telespectadores em Frente à TV

O seguinte infográfico apresenta os principais resultados obtidos de um estudo realizado no final de 2012, no âmbito do projeto “TV Discovery and Enjoy”.

Clica aqui para veres o infográfico completo

Inquérito sobre os hábitos televisivos e os processos cognitivos que os telespectadores têm no momento da escolha e seleção dos conteúdos televisivos.

O grupo de Social iTV do CETAC.Media da Universidade de Aveiro (, no âmbito do projeto de investigação “TV Discovery & Enjoy”, procura recolher informações acerca dos hábitos televisivos e dos processos cognitivos que os telespectadores têm no momento da escolha e seleção de conteúdos televisivos. Nesse sentido, gostaria de contar com a colaboração de todos. O preenchimento deste inquérito, por questionário on-line, não ocupará mais de 10 minutos.

Os resultados obtidos vão permitir o desenvolvimento de propostas, com o intuito de proporcionar melhorias no âmbito do consumo televisivo, de modo a facilitar a escolha dos programas a visionar.

Todos os dados recolhidos serão tratados informaticamente e de forma confidencial.

Aqui fica o link para o inquérito:

Agradecemos, desde já, a sua disponibilidade e colaboração.

Gostaríamos ainda que partilhasse o link deste inquérito ou o comunicado, com amigos ou colegas de trabalho, de forma a que possa chegar ao maior número de pessoas.

Muito obrigado.

Workshop on the way

We are active at the workshop getting all the info from great projects related with technologies for senior citizens.

The presentations and the video of the talks will be shared soon.

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