Bruno Teles

Bruno Teles got his graduation in Multimedia and Communication by the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro and his Masters degree in Multimedia Communication, audiovisual field, by the University of Aveiro. As an UI / UX designer he always has in mind aesthetics, usability and users experience issues in his projects. At this moment he is working on a mobile secondary screen app that will help users find the right tv program to watch.

Posts by Bruno Teles

Infographic – The Behaviours of Viewers in Front of TV

We now present to you the english version of the infographic regarding the main results of a study about TV viewing habits, conducted in late 2012 under the project “TV Discovery and Enjoy”.

Click here to see the full infographic.

Social iTV on UA Online

Social iTV coordinators, Jorge Ferraz de Abreu and Pedro Almeida, were interviewed by the University of Aveiro’s newspaper.

Read the news (article in portuguese).

Social iTV on Sociedade Civil

Jorge Ferraz was a guest on the RTP2 “Sociedade Civil” tv program where he spoke mainly about social and interactive TV and the projects developed in this context by the Social iTV group.

Watch the vídeo and see the presentation:

TDE Infografico

Infográfico – Os Telespectadores em Frente à TV

O seguinte infográfico apresenta os principais resultados obtidos de um estudo realizado no final de 2012, no âmbito do projeto “TV Discovery and Enjoy”.

Clica aqui para veres o infográfico completo