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Here the aim is to assemble a set of websites that may be useful to find interesting news and resources about Social Media and Interactive TV.




Designing for Television


Accenture – the eyes have it

The future of TV? How feely-vision could tickle all our senses

Digital TV Europe


Apple TV – The Future of TV is Apps

Apple TV – the future of television

Ericsson MediaFirst Vision for the Future of TV


EuroITV is an organization formed by a group of researchers, who develops an annual conference focused in interactive television. One of its aims is to promote academic discussions and research projects, among the specialists, about interactive television.

Ice Pilots NWT
A mobile Social TV experience for the hit television series Ice Pilots NWT on History Television in Canada.

Images For the Future
Images for the Future is a research project from the Dutch Film Museum, Institute for Sound and Vision, Central Discotheque Rotterdam, National Archives, Association of Public Libraries and Knowledgeland, concerning to the digitalization of audio-visual heritage.

InteractiveTV – Today
InteractiveTV Today is a news source website about broadband Interactive Television, created in 1998 by Tracy Swedlow, and co-owned by Richard Washbourne.

Master New Media is blog that gathers some news, guides and tips about new media.

TV Interactiva “And Beyond the Infinite”
Founded by Célia Quico, this website contains a variety of research resources about Interactive TV.

UITV.INFO – Interactive TV Research
UITV.INFO is a website concerning to Interactive TV Research, wich aim is to gather academic and research resources and create a forum to discussions about this research area.

Lost Remote – Social TV companies
Welcome to Lost Remote’s growing directory of social TV startups and a few more established companies with social TV products, sponsored by GetGlue.

Social TV Conference
Curated by #SocialTVConf.

Mashable Social TV
Social TV refers to technologies surrounding television that promote communication and social interaction related to program content.

The year 2012 in Social TV
The shows that drove buzz in social media, the people who tweeted, the brands that engaged us – and why!

thinkbox – The Truth about Youth: TV and young people
TV is expanding at a breathtaking pace. New devices, new platforms, new commercial opportunities…



Experts: Social Data Is Key to Measuring Television Success Nov 2013
“Seevibes Score” — a composite score that consolidates data on market share, social impressions, loyalty levels, engagement rate, frequency, and level of response — to gauge how a show is performing socially.

Talking about TV: Social Media Offers a Shared TV Experience May 2013
Viacom released a multi-country study “When Networks Network: TV Gets Social” that explores in great depth the relationship between TV viewing and social media usage–essentially, “second screen” in its truest form.

Turn on, tune in, retweet: How TV and the Internet melted into one world Apr 2013
…television is very wisely adapting and integrating Internet culture into its broadcast plans.

Social Bowl XLVII: Why a Mid-Sized Firm or Small Business Must Play Its Own Game on Sunday Jan 2013
As Portent’s President Steve Gahler says, “You can’t own the Super Bowl, but you can own the space where everyone talks about the Super Bowl.”

5 TV Shows with Twitter Hashtags #WINS Jun 2012
TV shows are getting creative in how and why they hashtag, and we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best hashtagging shows for you here (in no specific order). I bet you’ve already noticed some of them!

Intermedia – The Next Phase In Consumer Engagement Sep 2011
And while sites like GetGlue and Philo (which was just bought by Local Response) got things kicked off by allowing you to “check-in” to the content you were reading/watching/listening to, I think you’re going to be hearing a lot more about companies like Social Guide and Bluefins Labs in the months to come.

It’s Not TV, It’s Social TV [VIDEO] Mar 2011 @ Mashable

Sensor Device Determines Viewer’s Age, Gender to Turn On/off TV Mar 2011 @ Tech-on

Google TV Launches Templates, UI Library to Facilitate Development of TV-Optimized Web Sites Feb 2011 @ InteractiveTV Today

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