Interactive assistive technologies for the elderly

Under the iNeighbour TV project and with the support of the SEDUCE project, on 12 July took place the event: “Interactive Assistive Technologies for the Elderly”. It was intended to bring together a set of academic and industrial presentations that would guarantee a perspective of what is researched and developed in the field of assistive technology for seniors.The event was held on the July 12 in the Senate room of the Rectory Building at University of Aveiro.

Flyer do Workshop

12 OF JULY [Conferences - Senate room of the Rectory Building at UA]
9h00: Reception
9h25: Opening Session
9h30: User-centered design principles and methods for TV and vídeo interaction [Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, Keynote speaker, Ionian University]
10h00: Viewer ID Systems: a complex trade-off [Telmo Silva –]
10h30: IPTV User Interface Design for the Elderly [Leonardo Pereira FBAUP]
11h00: Coffee Break
11h30: TV user interface for seniors: findings from the eCAALYX Project [Francisco Nunes – Fraunhofer AICOS]
12h00: Results from the iNeighbour TV Field Trial [Jorge Abreu/ Pedro Almeida –]
14h00: IDTV Health project [Célia Quico – Universidade Lusófona]
14h30: SEDUCE project [Ana Veloso –]
15h00: Self-concept, Mood and Quality of Life of Older Adults: first analysis [Sónia Ferreira – UA-ICPD]
15h30: Tablet apps for the elderly [Ivo Fonseca – UA-ICPD]
16h00: Coffee Break
16h30: IPTV levering audio description [Rita Oliveira – UA-ICPD]
17h00: University of Aveiro: Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations [Liliana Sousa – UA-Rectory]

Presentations and Extended Abstracts
Results from the iNeighbour TV Field Trial
Presentation | Extended Abstract

Viewer ID Systems: a complex trade-off
Presentation | Extended Abstract

IPTV User Interface Design for Portuguese Elderly users
Presentation | Extended Abstract

Design Recommendations for TV User Interfaces for Older Adults: Findings from the eCAALYX project
Presentation | Extended Abstract

Enhancing IPTV with an audio description service
Presentation | Extended Abstract

IDTV Health

Event Logs

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