Posted on November 1, 2017

Telmo Silva, researcher at the DigiMedia-Social iTV Group and Professor at the Department Communication and the Arts of UA, was the guest of the Antena 1 program “90 seconds of science”.

+TV4e uses television to share information that will help families and the elderly.

“The idea came from a need I felt when my grandmother needed long-term care, care that would guarantee her a minimum quality of life”, shares the researcher. Faced with his father’s difficulties in finding information about care homes and how to guarantee a suitable place for his grandmother’s needs, Telmo Silva thought “why not use the television as a mean to ensure that people are informed about this type of services, and where they should go to get access to these homes or care”.

To put this idea into practice, the researcher first conducted a study to determine what information is most relevant in these situations. Then the team put together a “set of websites that we know have information that may be relevant to seniors, we took the texts of those news stories, created the voice of that text and built a video automatically,” he explains.

The idea now is that for people who are watching the normal television broadcast, they will be offered this informative video and the viewer is free to accept it or not. By accepting, the current broadcast is stopped and the video is then displayed.

More about the researcher at: UA | LinkedIn

Interview about the +TV4E project – Antena 1

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