Posted on November 21, 2016

Portugal doesn’t perform badly when it comes to innovation in television. The channels are attentive to what is coming and the providers are always looking for new services for their customers.

On World TV Day we look at the current state of TV in Portugal and what is being prepared for its future.

One of the guests of the Afternoon TSF is Jorge Ferraz Abreu, professor at the University of Aveiro and researcher of the New Media and Digital Entertainment group of this educational institution. It is this academic who states that Portugal is a country that stands out. Jorge Ferraz de Abreu gives the example of systems that allow us to go back in time and see programs that were broadcast a few days ago. This is something of which the Portuguese providers were pioneers and is not yet spread all over the world.

This is an innovation that in the future, believes the professor, will put an end to the television grids. Live programmes, news and sports events will continue to be scheduled, but not everything else.

On how the main television channels are positioned today in relation to everything that is coming, namely with the growing internet connection, Jorge Ferraz Abreu says that the channels are attentive and working well. Especially the public channel.

Listen to Rui Tukayana’s interview with Professor Jorge Ferraz de Abreu

Still at the University of Aveiro, TSF talked to Pedro Almeida, who is the coordinator of the Social iTV research group. The professor and researcher revealed what is being created in the laboratories of this university and what can soon reach the remotes and screens of Portuguese televisions.

One of the proposals has to do with the huge amount of programs available to be watched when someone sits in front of a sofa to watch television. At the University of Aveiro, the group led by Pedro Almeida wants to put an end to the zapping dilemma in search of something to see.

Ideas are underway at the University of Aveiro, some of which have already moved on from the project to reality. All of them with an eye on the future of TV.

Source: TSF

Portugal is at the forefront of the TV of the future – TSF

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