Posted on January 12, 2013

Jorge Ferraz de Abreu was invited to the RTP1 program “A voz do cidadão” where he spoke mainly about the resolution of the television image.

“The image quality of RTP is globally very good. There is an aesthetic issue if we compare it with other channels, which perhaps use other tricks from the lighting point of view in the studios – chromatic dynamics that can give a more or less pleasant look to the image. But I would say that on pay TV platforms, whether cable or IPTV, and on DTT itself, the picture has a reasonably good quality. We’re not talking about high definition itself, even in SD the quality is globally good if we’re talking about seeing on relatively small monitors. What I am saying no longer applies if we want a picture with more detail and benefit from the screens that are increasingly coming onto the market at reduced prices and with very large dimensions.” – Jorge Ferraz de Abreu

TV picture resolution – RTP1 (A Voz do Cidadão)

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