Our team has been developing some projects related with the Social TV research area.

Sponsored Projects:

  • CHIC: Cooperative Holistic View on Internet and Content;
  • VideoBite: Stimulating User Engagement Through Newsworthy Stories;
  • TV2Mobile: Providing iTV Cupons Supported by Mobile Devices;
  • VoluntAge4Seniors: Providing Help to Older Adults From a Group of Volunteers;
  • UltraTV: UltraHD TV Application Ecosystem;
  • +TV4E: Interactive Television as a support to information broadcasting about social services for seniors;
  • nowUP: development of a service to create summaries of TV programs supported on the buzz on social networks;
  • 2nd Vision: development of an app to provide an enhancing TV viewing experience;
  • Flexible TV Viewing (Guider): discovering the TV content for you;
  • TV Discovery & Enjoy: find new approaches to help viewers on discovering the best fitted TV programs
  • iNeighbour TV: research on services to promote sociability among seniors through iTV;
  • Interactive Advertisement: identify new interactive advertisement models for IPTV services;
  • Crossed TV Games: development of a social game to be integrated in an IPTV service;
  • WeOnTV: a Social TV application for supporting communication around TV content;
  • iTV in India and Portugal: studying the current trends of SITV in India and Portugal;

Academic & Research Projects: