TV Discovery and Enjoy

TV Discovery and Enjoy: new approach on TV Content Discovery
Márcio Reis
The latest changes in the business model plan of Portuguese or even International TV Cable Providers has been contributing to a massive increase of the number of TV programs available at the moment to the viewer. Starting on Live programs to others like those already broadcasted (Catch-up TV) or even available at Videoclub, all this multiple sources of content need to meet together to become easily accessible, since the current search mechanisms, like sequential channel navigation (known as zapping) or navigation through favorite channels revealed themselves inefficient the current needs, as a result of this new consume paradigm.
Thus, this research aims to deconstruct the process behind the TV content selection and find the implications associated to the implementation of an TV application that tries to simplify the process of a TV discovery system, that should be able to reveal what TV content might fit better the viewer interests on particular situation or a particular moment, no matter the source channel, or even if it were already broadcasted or not. Naturally, this involves all the work behind the development of the application, addressing all the requirements until it’s evaluation. Most important, it also describes one of the biggest challenges of the most TV Cable Providers on what could be done to enrich all the TV Programs Meta-information to bring the applications a new experience to their users.