The nowUP project is based on a service that automatically creates summaries of TV programs supported on the buzz on social networks. Actually, viewers post a lot of TV program-related information on social networks while they are watching TV, especially during its key moments. Therefore, the social buzz has the potential to be used as an automatic editorial criteria.

Having this premise in consideration, the nowUP service was developed with the main objective of automatically producing TV summaries of popular television programs (like football matches, talent or reality shows) based on the Twitter activity and integrate a part of that activity in the summary. A data-mining engine processes the activity of this social network looking for tweets associated with TV shows. Based on the program metadata it indexes the twitter activity; correlates tweets; and creates clusters of peaks, being the relevant clusters associated with the TV highlights. With this, the video engine automatically creates a full video summary (an edited sequence of TV highlights) and publishes it in an online platform.

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