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    Television is the nearest and the preferred communication media of Portuguese seniors, with an average of 5 hours and 8 minutes per day in the population with 65 years and more. Often, seniors are in a disadvantaged position when accessing social support services for not knowing how to use them (i.e. medication discounts, medical appointments, etc.) becoming highly dependent of their caregivers. Along, and because the television is the nearest technology for elderly, it can be an important technology supporter, to serve this population segment through features such as distance helping, the support of services that promote social interaction on the collective viewing, the provision of medical information or, as is the goal of this proposal, the information dissemination on public services relating to society.

    In that context, the target audience of the +TV4E project is the Portuguese senior population and it considers their specific issues, needs and expectations in the use of public services, like the public social security and tax office, in order to develop an interactive television (iTV) platform which allows automatically the enrichment of television experience with the integration of contents about public and social services. For this platform an interactive application (running in set-top boxes) will be designed, implemented and validated in order to enrich the television experience with personalized informative contents considering the user’s profile (age, geographic localisation, clinical condition, etc.).


    2016 – 2018


    Outsoft | Cluster Media.Labs